"Saddle Pads with Purpose"

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                                                                                                                                 Photo: Anne Gitten
Amber Mitchell Harte, Success Equestrian Sponsored Rider, Pittstown NJ and Wellington FL

"Success Equestrian saddle pads are the perfect combination of style and function. They look fantastic in the hunter and jumper rings, and the gripping action keeps the saddle right where it's supposed to be."

                                                       Photo: Jaqueline Whalen

Lillian Heard on Share Option-Success Equestrian sponsored rider Hamilton,VA

"As an upper level event rider, I sit on top of a horse for more hours during the day than not. It is a struggled to find a saddle pad that stays in place and does not rub my horses back while also being affordable enough that I can use them both at home and at the show. When I came across the Success Equestrian saddle pads, I knew I had found a product that fulfilled all of these requirements. For the first time this winter I made it through with out any rubs on my horses backs! And the best part is both the jump and dressage pads are very stylish
so I did not have to sacrifice turnout for comfort."

                                                                Photo: Shawn McMillan '11

Liza Towell Boyd - Success Equestrian sponsored rider, Camden SC

 “I’m excited to be working with Success Equestrian. They make great quality products that really work.  After schooling I never have to dismount to adjust the tack anymore.  I can just enter the ring. This pad doesn’t move!”

  • High Performance Hunter Champion 2011 National Horse Show
  • Regular Conformation Hunter Champion 2011 Washington International Horse Show
  • 11 wins: USHJA International Hunter Derby
  • 3 wins: World Champion Hunter Rider Classic of Palm Beach
  • 3rd Hunter Derby Finals 2010



Sydney Collier - Success Equestrian sponsored rider, Para Dressage           (C) Lindsay McCall

"Success Equestrian Saddle Pads are a huge success in my book!   As a Para Dressage rider who has had a major stroke
that effects my entire left side I often struggle with my saddle pad slipping under my saddle, as well as my saddle slipping
off to my strong right side.  Once I tried my Success Equestrian Deluxe Dressage Saddle pad  this worry became a thing of the past! My saddle and saddle pad are right where they should be-from the beginning of my ride to the very end.  I feel better and more secure as a rider, and I know my horse Rebel Chip is happier and more comfortable too.
 Thank you Success Equestrian for making such a great saddle pad!"

                                                                      Sydney Collier, Para Dressage Rider for the USPEA
                                                                                                                                   Ann Arbor, MI



                                                                                                                 Photo: JON
Kathy Adams on Premonition SSH
Reserve Champion 3rd Level BLM Finals 2011

 “This is the only brand of saddle pad I ride in because they really stabilize the saddle and there is no lateral slipping.Because of this, the pads help the rider maintain a better balance so you can be
 more effective. And the horses like it too.”

Kristen Bond on Are You Ready, Princeton Show Jumping, NJ      

Photo: Caitlin Elwel
Success Equestrian sponsored rider

"These pads are awesome! I love that you don't have to crank your girth so tight and the contoured top line gives my horse more room to jump.  I feel a big difference and so does my horse. Thank you!"
-Kristen Bond, Medford, NJ

Kim Magaraci and Gali

"I really believe this saddle pad made a huge difference - my saddle was so much more stable and it allowed me to ride my ridiculously shaped horse SO much more effectively because I wasn't worried about my saddle slipping and sliding around during my dressage tests.  I schooled and showed in my dressage pad and kept it meticulously clean - I love how well they do come clean!  Impressive all around. I've been recommending them to everyone - I've tried 'every' non slip pad on the market, and this one is the only one that actually works.  Awesome job on the design :)"

Lynsey Ekema        Agusta, Georgia                                                                       Photo: Chris Quinn

"In the early fall I was very fortunate to win a new Success non-slip pad via My horse has always had an awkward style of saddle fitting and these pads only have increased my awareness of the importance in the steadiness of my ride. The pad was one less worry for me at a recent Combined Training event in Aiken (pictured here) and helped us finish on our dressage score and new personal best of 29.0 and in 2nd place.
 I now own one for all three phases of eventing. Thank you Success!!!"

Lori Gilman Gailbreath, Saltzburg, PA

I LOVE your pad!! As a para equestrian I must have a pad that will not slip especially while mounting and dis-mounting and your pad never moves! It is such a nice feeling to know that my saddle is secure and that my horse is able to move comfortably, this allows us to train productively and compete confidently! I simply can't praise this pad enough! I highly recommend it to everyone!

"We love the new pad.  It fits well, washes great, and I like the feeling of the foam core. The foam adds stability to the pad.  It stays more centered and opposes any shifting that a thinner/flimsier pad allows.  It's similar to riding with a 'sheepskin' half pad -shock absorbing but not bounce-like.  A dense soft feeling - it's nice!! "
-Andrea McCauley, Great Island Dressage at Sunnyfield Farm, Bedford, NY


"Kudos on the excellent design and fit of the saddle pad.  I can't tell you how many pads I've tried over the years on the 6 horses I've had the privilege of riding, and this one has the best fit and feel of all of them!  And perhaps most importantly, as promised, it does stand up to washing. "
-Theresa Davidson, Greenwich,  CT

Featured in Practical Horseman's May 2011 Mega Tack Guide


As seen in the October 2010 issue of Practical Horseman

                                                                                           Photo: 2010 ESI

Jamie Stryker on Someone. HITS Saugerties, NY

"This is a great quality pad; attractive enough for the show ring yet durable enough for daily use. In addition it eliminates the need for non-slip pieces of rubber.  Excellent value for the dollar."
Jamie Stryker and Michael Dowling


 Cienne Warren on Whisper wearing the Hunter No-Slip Pad                      Photo: Nina Howie

"Once we discovered the new Success Equestrian Hunter No-Slip Saddle Pad we no longer need to use layers of rubber squares under and on top of our fleece Saddle pads. The fit is perfect for all of our Equitation and Hunter's saddles. Thank you Success Equestrian for making No-Slip Fleece pads for our show-rings!" -Nina Howie Warren


Lynn Kimball-Davis on Upper Class wearing the Dressage No-Slip Pad

"I love your product. My VERY WIDE Dutch Warmblood has been a saddle challenge and you fixed it!"



 Photo Credit:Jean Pierre Bisilliat

"LOVE the pad. Fit my saddle absolutely perfectly and even though my horse was dripping with sweat my saddle didn't move and inch.  Thanks so much!!  My other show pads are going in the trunk for extra equipment." -Hunter Messineo


   "I have been struggling for years with the saddle sliding forward on one of my horses.  Your pad has helped to keep it reliably in place and now I can attend clinics and shows without worrying that the saddle will end up on her withers during the first extended trot!" -Emily Houston






























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